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We facilitate
worldwide finance

$rUSD moves at the speed and flexibility of the internet. With Rivia, users transcend borders, avoid bank hours, and eliminate processing times & costly fees. Build your business with digital currency and accelerate your global growth.

Our Difference

  • Proof of Reserve 1 to 1 USD backed
  • Stability of US Credit Unions
  • A Focus on #PeopleOverProfits

Let's Get Down to Business

$rUSD At Work

We are buiding the most powerful network of people and technologies the world has ever seen. We integrate with all industries and all major distributed ledgers. Our consortium braintrust and coalition of member entities has roots across the world and across many business disciplines. Rivia is building with #everyone for #everyone. Want to integrate or become a coalition member? Reach out.

What is a Stablecoin?

Stablecoins are booming

Stablecoins make up only a small subset of tokens that exist globally. Everyday over $70,000,000,000 in US Dollar volume is moved around on distributed ledgers throughout the world. Governments and people worldwide are relying on these monies to provide financial stability to their economies.

This Rivia Difference is that Rivia is guaranteed 1 to 1 backed, with PoR ("Proof of Reserve") and transparency at it's core, collaborating with the most #PeopleOverProfit industry the world has ever known, American Credit Unions.

% of the World Using Crypto 12%
% Larger than Visa and Mastercard combined 50%
Projected YoY Growth from 2018-2028 25%

Recent News

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